Digital and stepless indicator from 0 to 50 Volts. (This make it very easy to get the exact value, s opposed to the old analog biothesiometer.)

No probe indicator indicator. (This ensures that the probe is properly mounted.)

Multiple operation mode (Plantar and Penile) software. (Supplied software has 2 programs, one for Plantar for testing the sensitivity on the feet and pernille for testing the sensitivity on penis.)

Easily Connected to PC via Cable & Bluetooth

Optional single or multipage report.

E-mail and simple report printing facility. (Easily print a test report or send them as an e-mail to the relevant doctor, etc.)

Comes in Strong Transport Suitcase, specially designed Foam Insert for Easy & Safe Transport. (This ensures that the device can be easily and safely transported to clients.)

Test key to cross check patient perception. (A test button that makes it easy to check the patient's perception.)

Software is in the following languages: English, German, Danish and Italian.

Can be used as Standalone or together with Windows Based Computer. (The biothesiometer can be used both with and without a computer, if the computer is connected by USB or Bluetooth. If the biothesiometer is connected to a computer, the software will automatically detect the measured values, and save them for a later control measurement or for printing a test report etc.)

Communicate with Android Devices via Bluetooth. (You can use an Android phone instead of a computer.)

Customised PDF report printing facility.

DICOM supported reporting.

USB key included with user manual, here you can also save reports etc.

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